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Throw me a bone

I wonder, as a mom, how many times in the last few weeks alone, I have asked myself, what am I doing wrong?  I have even recently asked it aloud to a close friend of mine.

She gets sassy. What am I doing wrong?  She gets mean to her brothers or friends.  What am I doing wrong?  She is disobedient.  What am I doing wrong?  She challenges all the consequences.  She doesn’t eat.  She ignores me.  She shuts me out.

What am I doing wrong?!?!

Why is that always where my mind goes?!

Last night, I was given a beautiful glimpse of something else.

There was a HUGE pile of clothing on my bed that needed folding. After finishing up the dinner cleaning, I remembered about this pile and I sulked upstairs to finish yet ANOTHER chore.  Much to my surprise – this is what I found!
img_3305-1.jpegNot only was the clothing folded but it was mostly put away.  I asked baby girl if she did that.

She told me that she saw I needed help.  She had seen my job to be done, took grace on me, and folded it all on her own.  Without prompting, and without even telling me or bragging about it during dinner time.

I was so moved.  It was literally the nicest thing I think she has ever done for me on her own free will.

I realized in that moment,

Oh mama, you are doing something right!

Persistence friends.  Parenting is so much work, and Ive said this before, the reward or results are not always immediate.  But they are there!

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