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A Little Sidenote

I am interrupting my afternoon laundry folding/homeschooling/dish washing to deliver a quick message to you, friends!!

My husband is on his way home!  (No, that’s not the real message).  He has been gone for 4 weeks for a job.  It’s the longest we’ve ever been apart, and the longest he’s been away from the kiddos.  His absence was tough on us, but with a ton of grace, a little patience, friends, and prayer we made it to the other side!

While he was gone, I read a few great books, and got into a couple mediocre TV shows.  One of them being, “When Calls the Heart”.  It’s not the best acting, or the most flawless plot, or sexiest dialogue, but there is a slight inspiration I get from some of the characters.


What inspired me to press pause on Netflix and write this post is that, in the episode I was watching just now, one of the characters has just offered to make a repair in a single mother’s home for her.  The mother hesitated, and kept saying “I don’t want to be any trouble”, but the man insisted, responding “No trouble at all, I just have to bring my tools next time I come this way!”.  It got me thinking: was he just saying that or was it really “no trouble at all”?  The repair is small, and easily made with the proper mind and tools, but to the mother who didn’t have the tools, or the know-how to do it, it was a HUGE deal.

How many people are there around us that have needs, that for us could be so simple and easy to meet, a slight inconvenience if that, but to the person with the need, it could make a huge difference.  What would happen if instead of averting our eyes, we looked up and saw even one need of someone around us that we could easily meet, and could literally change their quality of life (physically, spiritually, emotionally).

How many times have I passed an opportunity to help someone, such as this?

I don’t know about you, but I think that this world could be a much better place.  And I am realizing more every day how that cause, that effect, that CHANGE truly does begin with each individual.

Let’s start today.  Let’s lift our heads and stop being so scared or wrapped up in our own stuff, and start making a bigger difference.

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