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Happy New Year

Happy New Year my friends.

Heres a look at my “best nine” of 2018 instagram style.

From top left to bottom right:best nine 2018

Our house.

My man and I.

With a  great friend on her wedding day.

Ashlynn loving on the kiddos.

One of our favourite views on Oahu.

My home library being built.

Enjoying vegan ice cream at “banan” in Honolulu.

Me playing my new guitar.  Baby girl and I at her first concert, in Boston.

Starting today, I have many commitments that I plan to begin.  Some will be lifestyle restarts. Some will be accomplishments for within the year, and some will merely be the beginning of new things.

One commitment is to get back in a groove with my blog.  It has been a crazy five months of highs and lows since my last post and I pledge this New Years Day to keep it more fresh and up to date.  There have been a lot of lessons, gains, and losses, and I hope to share them all with you.

My hope for 2019 is to be a year of “getting serious”, “preparing for the future”, and “investing in the longterm”.  My husband and I reflect on 2018 and see a lot of in the moment decisions and feelings.  Most of them were good, some of them were difficult.  We have learned a lot and feel more determined than ever to build our future on the foundation that we’ve been given, by God’s grace.  I am excited!

Hello 2019!

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